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Why Binance listings? Everyone who knows the cryptocurrency world knows also that every time when any project announces that will be listed on Binance, the same time coin price grows fast and high to the moon. Reaching the biggest and most popular exchange in the world is a holy grail for every coin and project. MoonHero is a trading bot for new coin listings on Binance! Is super simple, everyone can use it without any extra knowledge. You don't need to install or make difficult configurations. It's working full automatically for you.

Why our bot is so special? MoonHero is looking every day for information about the new coin listing on Binance. Our bot is so fast that he will find information even before the coin will be listed on Binance... What can we do with this information to make a profit and where is the magic? Our bot automatically will buy for you this coin in a few seconds on other exchanges like Kucoin or Gate where this coin is already listed! So before it will be listed on Binance you already have it cheaper before the price will go to the moon. Our bot will also sell automatically this coin and make a profit for you. You don't need to do anything... our Hero will take care of everything.

What extra our Hero can make for you? We have a special option called Sniper. If you know earlier about a new coin listing on Kucoin or Gate (On this exchange announcement is usually made 12-48 hours before) and you know the exact starting time you can set up Sniper, and our bot will buy exactly when you want, before other users will make it manually. Especially ICO can make a great profit for you.

How it works ?

What happened here?

It's an example of listing Tranchess ( CHESS) on Binance. CHESS price before an announcement was 2.75$ a few moments after Binance's official announcement was 7.04$. CHESS in a few moments reached around 255% and a few hours later reached 7.92$, shortly after Binance opened CHESS trading, the price went down. Check this event on CoinMarketCap on your own eyes, find CHESS, and check the date 10/22/2021.

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If you want to make money on a new coin listing you need to be fast, manually processing it takes too long to make a good profit. Our Hero automatically buys the coin or token as soon as possible and executes the buy orders in milliseconds.

Our MoonHero bot is extremely easy to use. Just do some basic settings and you are ready for the profits. You don't need to install or make difficult configurations. It's working full automatically for you on our website. Our bot will take care of everything.

Yes, our bot has only permission to buy and sell. Bot can't send your funds to an external address or make some other unexpected transactions. Your exchange protects your funds with their API. We don't need access to your account, only you need to generate API Key, and only you chose what our bot can do on your account. (Buy/Sell)

You need to create and verify accounts on these 2 exchanges and After that, you need to create API Key on your exchange accounts with permission to sell and buy. You also need to provide funds to these accounts in USDT currency. 

It depends on you and your subscription. The minimum amount is 10 USDT and the maximum depends on your subscription limit. For example, if you have a Basic subscription you can set up a maximum of 250 USDT. For example, if you set up 100 USDT it means that our bot will try to buy a new coin for 100 USDT on Kucoin and for 100 USDT on It is recommended to provide on your exchange account a little bit more USDT for the exchange fees so in this example enough will be 110 USDT on both exchanges.

It depends on you and your subscription. If you have a Free subscription you can set up a maximum of 50 USDT per exchange, Basic - 250 USDT, Premium 1000 USDT, and if you want no maximum limit amount you need to have an Unlimited subscription. The maximum limit is per exchange so if you have 2 exchanges you can set up on both for example 1000 USDT so which means that our bot will try to buy for 2000 USDT on both.

It depends on your subscription. If you have a Free subscription you can set up a maximum of 5% profit per exchange, Basic - 10%, Premium 15%, and if you want no maximum limit you need to have an Unlimited subscription. You can set up also 4% profit if you will be satisfied. Profit depends also on a new coin and project which will be listed. Once it's 10-100% and a great or popular token/coin even more than 200%.

Yes! For example, if you have Premium subscriptions you can set up a budget of 350 USDT on Gate and for example 1000 USDT on Kucoin. You can set up on Gate 15% profit and on Kucoin only 10%. You are the Boss and everything depends on you and your strategy! It's your funds and accounts.

Yes, you can but you reduce your chances of profit. The magic of our MoonHero is to buy new coins which will list on Binance on other exchanges like Kucoin or Gate where this coin is already listed! It can be a situation that this new coin is already listed only on Gate but you used only Kucoin where it's not available so our bot can't buy it for you and you will not get any profit.

Yes, you can! You can turn off automatic sell orders and our bot will only buy a new coin for you. It will be your decision when and for how much you will sell and how much profit will you get. Sell order, you can make directly on your exchange account or click the sell button on the Listings page on our website.

On Gate, your Buy order will be canceled but on Kucoin will Buy for available funds.

Most of the new coins on Binance have already paired with USDT on other exchanges. We can be sure that our bot will find this pair on both exchanges and correctly place a buy and sell order.

Go to your account > Sniper and click Create. Set up everything and our bot will take a shot for you exactly when you want.

It depends on market conditions. On the Bear market, it's 2-4 per month but on the Bull market, it's even 10 or more per month.

Yes, you are the boss, and everything it's your decision. If you don't want to use our bot you can stop when you want and you will not pay for the next month's subscription. 

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